Assembly Solutions

Assembly lines and test systems for standard
and high-frequency connectors

Whether in the industrial sector (IIoT) or in private applications - connectors are one of the key elements for the digitalization of our world. They enable networking and connection and are used in all areas of electronics.

Progressive networking and decentralization and the rising demand as a result require an equally steadily increasing performance of networked systems. Other important trends and requirements are miniaturization, modularization and reliability; the need for hybrid connectors that transmit power, signals and data in combination is also increasing.

To meet these requirements, flexible and efficient production technology is an essential part of staying globally competitive. 

Our key competencies for electronic connectors are:

  • Product development support 
  • Comprehensive product, demand and process analysis
  • Resource-saving automation concepts
  • AOI of complex assemblies
  • Assumption of responsibility as general contractor
    for the automation solution
  • Integration of third-party systems
  • Broad testing expertise for consistently high product quality
  • Production reliability through comprehensive service and maintenance
  • Smart process data management 


Original Image
Modified Image

System Capabilities

  • Maximum Flexibility

    • Flexible & Scalable Layout Options
    • Double/Bypassing of Processes
    • Use as singular WPC Transfer Changer

  • Effective Process Utilisation

    • WPC Change Time below 0,4s
    • Acceleration up to 4g
    • Maximum Speed up to 5m/s

  • High Process Stability

    • Accuracy up to +-0,01mm
    • use of WPC as additional process axis
    • Support for vertical process-forces

  • Suitable for Clean Room

    • Medical-Compliant for ISO-5
    • Stainless Steel covered Drives
    • No friction, No abrasion

Modular Concept

A mechatronic system containing all functions necessary for operation. A modular, fully integrated linear motor with power electronics and displacement measurement in one device. A mover as the moved part. A mechanical guide rail. The most diverse applications can be realised with these few coordinated components. The desired geometries, lengths and radii are formed by the number and choice of the components

Linear Segment


Curved Segment


Vorteile gegenüber konventionellen Lösungen:

  • Flexible und individuelle Carrier Ansteuerung
  • Ermöglicht Optimierung von Taktzeiten
  • Parallelisierung von Prozessen möglich
  • Hohe Positioniergenauigkeit
  • Teil des Handlings Systems
  • Keine bewegten Kabel
  • Wartungsfreier Antrieb

Rap Tra

  • Seit einem Jahr Grundsystem von Hoyer gekauft
  • Video Funktionsumfang für Website erstellen#
  • Individuelles Beratungsintesives System
  • Magnetischer Zahnriemen Motor
  • Kosten im Vergleich zum Wettbewerb

Warum sollte sich der Kunde für RapTra entscheiden
Auswahl Vergleichsdokument Auwahl Hoyer 

  • Vergleichswerte zum Wettbewerb (USP?)
  • X Achsen werden eingespart
  • Handlingeinsparung
  • Verssuchstand von Hoyer Folie nur in Blau bisher Umgesetzt
  • Puffer über Staustrecke möglich
  • Abriebfrei
  • Schnittstellen (Spec)

Key Benefits

  •  Controlled movement at all times and all places on the transport path. No jerks and no unnecessarily large forces; high positioning accuracy at up to 4 m/s. Even open liquids can be transported
  • Dynamic buffer. The transported material can be accumulated and grouped during the movement.
  • Synchronisation, stopping and starting can be accomplished at any of the stations on the entire path
  • Maximum use of the machine volume. Outward and return path as well as the curves can actively transport material
  • The movers of the XTS system can always run with the flow of product. No return trip or return stroke is necessary. A change of format can be accomplished when changing product without stopping production, just by means of a software setting
  • Low mechanical wear since only the mover requires mechanical bearings. There is no need for: gears, belts, guide rollers and clamps
  • Reduced energy consumption due to lower friction and possible regenerative braking (the brake energy from one transported material can accelerate another)
  • High positioning accuracy reduces the expenditure. The compensation of inaccuracies as required in common transport solutions is not necessary: stretching of chains due to load and wear, re-tensioning of toothed belts, mechanical backlash during a load change

Application fields

Consumer Electronics

Data technologies

Automotive Electronics



Customer products in operation

A selection of connector and adapter solutions,
which have been assembled and tested by XENON automation systems.

Product Image
  • Socket Connectors

    Precision sockets and plugs in various mutlipolar designs.

  • SMD Connectors

    Board-to-board and wire-to-board applications in various grid dimensions in surface mount technology.

  • Industrial Ethernet Connectors

    From the RJ45 connector to the compact SPE connector, Industrial Ethernet connectors for copper and fiber-optic-cables ensure reliable data transmission in industrial environments.

  • PCB Sockets

    Board-mounted connectors for secure data transmission in the Industrial Ethernet environment.

  • Pin and Stacking Bars

    Single and multi-row versions in various grid dimensions for a wide range of power supply and signal applications.

  • Male Headers and Female Connectors

    Versions in straight and angled design as well as connections with ribbon cable or PCB fixation.

Key assembly processes

Our wide expertise in technology is the perfect foundation
for your individual automation solution.

  • Feeding and Separation

    Bulk or Strip Material (Pins, Body/Housing, Insulation)

  • Joining and Positioning

    Pick and Place, Cam-Controlled Assembly, Robot Handling

  • Pre- and Final Assembly

    Press-Fit, Crimping, ...

  • Testing and Selection IO/NIO

    Quality Assurance (Function, Pin Position, Tightness, ...)

  • Identification and Traceability

    Labeling, Lasering, Marking

  • Packaging and Sealing

    Blister Belt, Palletizing, ...

Automation and Assembly Portfolio

I/O & Power Connectors / Hybrid

  • Akkusteckverbinder und -halterungen
  • Backplane-Steckverbinder
  • Card-Edge-Steckverbinder
  • SAS & MiniSAS
  • modulare Steckverbindersysteme
  • Steckbare Steckverbinder
  • Audio- und Videosteckverbinder
  • Reihenklemmen & PCB Steckverbinder
  • Steckverbinder zur Stromversorgung
  • D-SUB Steckverbinder
  • Modular Jacks & Plugs
  • Rundsteckverbinder
  • Steckverbinder für Beleuchtungssysteme

Coaxial RF Connectors & Adapters


Hochfrequenz-Steckverbinder dienen der Verbindung von Leiterplatten, Kabeln und Geräten, wobei sehr hohe Frequenzen übertragen werden können. Dabei ist entscheidend, dass im Übertragungssystem durchgängig ein gleichbleibender Wellenwiderstand (Impedanz) eingehalten wird.

  • 5G
  • Adapter
  • Koaxioalstecker
  • Differenzial Daten Stecker
  • Glasfaser-Steckverbinder
  • Optische Kuppler
  • modulare Steckverbindersysteme



Cable-to-Cable Solutions for Signal,
Power Connectors and I/O,
and Sealed Applications



Cable-to-Board Solutions
for microminiature, Power Connector,
Signal and I/O Applications



Board-to-board connectors
for microminiature, high-speed, high-density and high-performance applications



  • Audio-, Foto- & Videogeräte
  • Freizeitelektronik
  • Sportelektronik
  • Werkzeuge
  • Spielzeuge
  • ...


  • Großrechnersysteme
  • PC-Systeme
  • Datennetzwerke
  • Abrechnungssysteme
  • Bürotechnik
  • Sicherungssysteme


  • Motorelektronik
  • Getriebeelektronik
  • Informationselektronik
  • Sicherheitselektronik
  • Verkehrsleitsysteme
  • ...


  • Steuer- und Regelungstechnik
  • Industrieautomation
  • Prozessautomatisierung
  • Medizintechnik
  • Energieversorgung


  • Endgeräte
  • Vermittlungssysteme
  • Navigationsgeräte
  • Verkehrsinfrastruktur und
  • Daten- und Signalübertragungsgeräte

Case Story – Automatisierte Steckverbinder-Montage (evtl. Lumbergstecker)

Zur präzisen und effizienten Montage von Steckverbindern konstruiert XENON vollautomatische Rundtaktanlagen sowie lineare Transfersysteme

Bis zu 20 unterschiedliche Prozessschritte vollzieht eine vollautomatische Anlage je Montagevorgang – Kurvensteuerung, elektrische Servoachsen und Industrieroboter stellen dabei Flexibilität, Genauigkeit und Qualität der Produktion sicher.

Die Anlage orientieren sich an Kundenanforderungen: Ob Prüfung , Montage von Einzelteilen und Gehäusen oder final montierten Steckverbindern.


Bereits während der Montage stellen innovative Technologien und höchste Präzisionsstandards die Prüfung und Erfüllung qualitätsrelevanter Merkmale sicher

Dazu kommen folgende Systeme zum Einsatz:

  • Präzisions-Roboter mit hoher Wiederholgenauigkeit
  • Kameras mit industrieller Bildverarbeitung
  • Anschlussmaß-Messungen
  • Kraft-Weg-Messungen

Vollprüfungen können unmittelbar in der jeweiligen Maschine erfolgen.

Your way to smart production – with
automation solutions from XENON.

Your way to smart production – with
automation solutions from XENON.

Key Technologies for Electronic Connectors



Vibratory Feeder, Bowl Feeder, Centrifugal Feeder, Flex Feeder



SCARA Robots, 6-Axis Robots, Multi-Axis Gantry Systems, High-Speed Pick and Place



Assembling, Snapping, Soldering, Gluing, Riveting,
Screwing, Welding



 "Force-Displacement" monitored Press-Fitting of Multipin Plug Contacts into Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)


Injection Molding

Supply and Processing
of Inserts, Contact Assembly



Crimp to Crimp, Crimp to Seal, UniCrimp, Sealing



Optical Inspection (AOI), Quality Control, Leakage Tests, Flow Tests, Electrical Tests, EOL Function Tests



Tray, Tube, Tape & Reel Packaging, Blister Tape, Bag Packaging

30 Years of Automation Excellences

Customer Products

XENON has developed and constructed automations for a variety of electronic connectors.

Reference Projects

Automatic Assembly of an RF Coax Connector

Example References (TAL, ICM, ...) Evtl. Slider 

To Do

  • Verlinkungen zu Referenzen Landingpage (TAL / ICM) (SGü, Ham)
  • Medical Veranstaltungen (Teaser Messen Medical) (SGü)
  • Videoclip TAL (SGü)
  • Bilder Kundenteile (SGü, Ham) 
  • Gesamtlayout und Texte überarbeiten
  • Medcell Informationen? (Pflichtenheft / Eigenschaften)
  • Sicherheit der Produkte und Fertigung
  • Auflistung Qualitätsstandards, QM & Sicherheit (GMP, ...)  
  • Fotos AP (SGü)
  • Innovationsthemen? (V2 - Augmented Reality)
  • Quotes von Kunden? (V2 - Ham) 

Customer product

RF Coax Connectors for 5G Network Applications

Automation requirements

  • Fully automated assembly
  • Separation of bulk & tape goods (housing/body, insulations, inner & outer conductors)
  • Various quality checks and sorting of IO/NIO parts
  • Packaging in blister belt
  • High output/machine speed (120 parts/min)
  • ESD compliance

Testing and Packaging of an SMD Contact Spring

Example References (TAL, ICM, ...) Evtl. Slider 

To Do

  • Verlinkungen zu Referenzen Landingpage (TAL / ICM) (SGü, Ham)
  • Medical Veranstaltungen (Teaser Messen Medical) (SGü)
  • Videoclip TAL (SGü)
  • Bilder Kundenteile (SGü, Ham) 
  • Gesamtlayout und Texte überarbeiten
  • Medcell Informationen? (Pflichtenheft / Eigenschaften)
  • Sicherheit der Produkte und Fertigung
  • Auflistung Qualitätsstandards, QM & Sicherheit (GMP, ...)  
  • Fotos AP (SGü)
  • Innovationsthemen? (V2 - Augmented Reality)
  • Quotes von Kunden? (V2 - Ham) 

Customer product

SMD contact spring

Automation requirements

  • Safe handling (gripping and transporting)
  • Bulk material separation
  • Qualified testing of individual contact springs
  • Sorting of IO/NIO parts
  • Fully automated packaging (blister incl. belt cutting)
  • ESD compliance

Worldwide leading companies rely on XENON automation systems

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