Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct promotes integrity, ethical behavior, and compliance with legal regulations - fostering a responsible corporate culture.
We place great emphasis on these values in our organizational culture. We firmly believe that adhering to our Code of Conduct is essential for long-term success and for earning the trust of our customers, business partners, and society.

Whistleblower Portal of the XENON Group

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On our mission to optimize the manufacturing industry with innovative automation solutions, we are committed to complying with all laws and regulations worldwide. To further enhance our efforts, we have established a whistleblower portal for anonymous reporting of legal violations within and outside the XENON Group.

Your report can help us identify areas where we can improve our compliance with legal requirements. If you observe any behavior or processes that suggest actual or potential violations of legal provisions, please feel free to anonymously report your observations and assessments to us.

By adhering to the applicable laws and regulations, we can prevent any harm to our company, employees, and business partners.

Thank you for your participation.

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Via the linked whistleblowing system below, you can report violations of applicable laws or internal regulations.

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Increase workforce effectiveness & efficiency – anytime, anywhere.

XENON Smart Support combines advanced augmented reality (AR) with real-time communications to connect a field technician with an expert so that the expert can see and discuss the situation in the field.

The technician and expert draw digital annotations (using one’s finger on the screen) that accurately anchor to physical objects, allowing the expert to guide the technician through a process, step-by-step.

Your Benefits

  • Faster Maintenance - Increased efficiency
  • Optimized Troubleshooting - Reduced down time
  • Full Service - Higher availability
  • Shadow Working - Expert support

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