Highlights from the 21th Innovation Forum for Automation


The 21st edition of the Innovation Forum for Automation, held on January 25th and 26th, was a resounding success.

Dresden, January 2024

With an impressive turnout of 333 attendees, the event fostered lively exchanges of ideas both on and off the stage. The comprehensive program, featuring 13 presentations and four panel discussions, provided participants with the latest insights from the semiconductor and automation industries.

The agenda encompassed various topics addressing the growing role of the Digital Twin, the significance of AI in boosting efficiency and productivity, and the remarkable capabilities of robotics.

This year's innovation award honoured our project partner, Vitesco. Their successful collaboration with Sunfire proves that innovative ideas can be realized with pioneering technologies and scaled up with new automation approaches – for a sustainable mobility and energy. Special thanks to Dr. Udo Kreissig for receiving the prize and his valuable contribution to this year´s agenda!

We eagerly look forward to the upcoming Innovation Forum for Automation on January 30th and 31st, 2025.

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Highlights from the 21th Innovation Forum for AutomationImage