11. REWE Team Challenge

On Wednesday, the 29th of May, the 11th REWE Team Challenge took place in Dresden.
With unbelievable 25.000 runners, more participants started than ever before - including 32 XENON employees in 8 Teams.

In the best running weather there was an exuberant mood along the 5 km long track. Sebastian Albinus reached the finish after only 18 minutes as the fastest XENON runner and won place 88 of the mens overall standings. Mrs. Dr. Sylvia Horn was the fastest XENON runner and was the 250th in the ladies classification at the Rudolf-Harbig-Stadion. Esoecially worth mentoring is the team performance of Stefan Reckzeh, Sebastian Albinus, Philipp Dietze and Ronny Gierth, who finished 26th in the mens team ranking.

The company run delivers even more impressive facts: 280 volunteers distributed around 50.000 energy bars, 31.500 liters of mineral water and 27.500 bananas.
The crowning glory was the colourful and beautiful fireworks.

At this point we congratulate once again all participants.
We are looking forward to the next Team Challenge. (YFd/VKä)