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Celebrating a new production site in Suzhou, China
XENON inaugurates new facility in China's Suzhou Industrial Park

On April 11th, 2014, XENON Automation Technology Co. Ltd. China inaugurated its new construction, manufacturing and logistics facility – a 2,000-square-meter building complex that was refurbished according to the company's needs and requirements.

Some 100 guests made the trip to Suzhou from Dresden, Shanghai, and the Jiangsu province to witness the ceremony including its traditional dragon and lion dances, which in Chinese mythology signify good fortune, health, prosperity, power and protection. Attendees – including the leadership team at XENON, the German consulate general Shanghai, the Suzhou Industrial Park administrative committee (SIPAC), and a variety of customers, suppliers, banks, construction companies and other business partners – expressed their appreciation for the work done so far. XENON Suzhou was established in September 2013 as a fully-owned subsidiary of XENON Automation in Dresden.

It is a reflection of the bold team spirit of the early 1990s and the inspirational vision of our company founder, Dr. Eberhard Reissmann, who said that "there should be no car on German roads that hasn't had at least one part assembled on a XENON machine." Peter Hammer, general manager of the XENON facility in Suzhou, alluded to this in his opening remarks, having played no small part himself in implementing Dr. Reissmann's vision.

Automated equipment made by XENON is found all over the world, not just in the automotive sector but also in electronics, photovoltaics, medical technology and other applications. "Therefore it was entirely consistent to extend our operational activities to China, a country with the world's highest production capacities and greatest growth rates," Mr. Hammer added. He expressed his thanks to everyone involved who made it possible to choose such an advantageous site in Suzhou and to settle down there in an astonishingly short amount of time.

"After our experience in 2009 with a joint venture in Hong Kong and Shenzen, Suzhou represents a strategic reboot for us: close to potential customers and suppliers in an excellent environment that blends tradition and innovation with outstanding infrastructure, including in terms of higher education and vocational training," CEO Tobias Reissmann explained in his address. XENON has always enjoyed an international profile and will continue using the power of innovation to expand its lead in markets all across Europe. "With the new production site, we've created a solid foundation to take even greater advantage of the growth potential in China," Mr. Reissmann added. That foundation is rounded off by our professional leadership team, highly motivated local staff, and 25 years of experience in the field of industrial automation. Our goal is to become the number-one supplier of mechatronics and automated microtechnology solutions in the greater Shanghai area.

Vice Consul General Stefan Möbs has called XENON's Suzhou investment "a strong manifestation of well-functioning business relations and further evidence of ongoing bilateral dialog and cultural exchange between Germany and China." He added that "the jobs and employment opportunities created here are yet another chapter in the success story of German-Chinese cooperation."

Suzhou not only looks back on a culturally rich 2,500-year history, but the Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) has also proven itself to be a magnet for high-tech companies from around the world in the last 20 years since its inception. According to SIPAC deputy director Chen Lei, "SIP today is among the most competitive development areas in China, and it is our strategic goal to support companies who above all stand for innovation, sustainability and advanced jobs in the field of automated manufacturing. That is why today is a truly significant milestone and a seminal date for XENON and SIP," she said of the effective cooperation during the settling-in Phase.

It was a highly successful opening ceremony, and we are extremely grateful to everyone who sent us their well-wishes, and especially to the guests who took the time to celebrate with us.