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The first fruitful cooperation between XENON and Changshu Institute of Technology 

Further to meet the demands of the development of XENON and to reserve, train technical talents of new generation, in Nov. 2018 XENON and Changshu Institute of Technology for the first time signed a cooperation agreement.

Among all the students who have the intention to be interns in XENON, only four outstanding students passed written examination and interview, then officially got the opportunity to be interns. They were heartly welcomed and were showed around the whole company. XENON technical expert introduced them especially the online individualized automation projects, which aroused great interests.

The internship was combined with theory and practice. In a very short period the interns learned the most advanced and exquisite technique. Only in two months two interns in Engineer Control department could independently handle the machine with colleague’s guide. Their achievements were totally recognized from all the team members.

The friendly working environment, exquisite technique and XENON’s passion to automation spirit impressed all interns deeply in the past half year. One intern even gave up the chance to go back to hometown and immediately signed the labor contract with us after internship. The following words were written in his internship report: “In XENON, I feel no gap between senior and junior, no guess between colleagues. All the colleagues are almost at the same age in EC department. If one has problem, the others will immediately give him support. What’s more, the weekly communication meeting and training etc. all let me feel like at home, warm and cozy. It is the equal, harmonious and mutual helpful atmosphere, which keeps me to stay here. Life is hard, why not just choose a company to work happily with?”

Nothing would be more delighted than a compliment from the bottom of heart.

The cooperation between XENON and Changshu Institute of Technology offers not only an opportunity of internship for the students, but also a chance to cultivate and reserve potential applied talents. That’s the original intention of the cooperation, as well as an innovative way to cultivate industrial talents. (Ivy/YFd/VKä)