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XENON celebrates inauguration of Complex IV B

Back in 2012, XENON staff joined a number of guests to celebrate the company's expanded production facilities with the inauguration of Complex IV on Stuttgarter Straße 22 in the Coschütz/Gittersee industrial zone. Four short years later, the building complex has already undergone an expansion with the addition of a new state-of-the-art assembly hall. More than 70 guests attended the event to commemorate the occasion with XENON.

The assembly hall was planned and built in record time, as managing directors Dr. Hartmut Freitag and Tobias Reißmann point out in their opening speeches. Less than seven months passed between groundbreaking and inauguration of the building, which has already been in use for client projects since July.

The managing directors extend their gratitude to all partner companies for their excellent cooperation in this construction project. Its effective implementation on such a tight schedule was only made possible through close collaboration among the parties involved. As part of the inaugural event, the dean of Dresden University of Applied Sciences, Prof. Roland Stenzel, highlighted good relations between XENON and his institution as an example of how science and industry can work hand-in-Hand.

The second guest speaker was Dr. Bernd Richter. Representing the environmental agency for the city of Dresden, he elaborated on the Coschütz/Gittersee industrial park's history and its particular Features.

To conclude the event, XENON founder and senior managing director Dr. Eberhard Reißmann offered a summary perspective not just on the past but also on the future, as new expansion projects are already in planning.

The ceremony ended with Consass CEO Steffen Schulz symbolically handing over the key to XENON. Guests enjoyed a rich lunch buffet before heading off on individual tours of the company facilities. The inaugural celebration was an all-round success.

Everyone at XENON is greatly encouraged by all your good wishes, and we would especially like to thank our guests for celebrating with us.