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Innovation Forum for Automation celebrates 15th anniversary

For the 15th year in a row, Automation Network Dresden (AND) has invited experts from around the globe to participate in their annual Innovation Forum for Automation in the Saxon state capital.

The anniversary event brought over 250 national and international guests from the commercial, industrial and research sectors to Dresden with the common goal of swapping insights on the latest technologies, sharing stories about successful new automation projects, and trading ideas about the current state of Industry 4.0-related developments.

AND is a high-tech cluster that has gained recognition around the world for its work on sophisticated automation projects and technologies. Member companies include AIS, Fabmatics, SYSTEMA and XENON. Just as in years past, the event attracted speakers from big names in the industry such as Infineon, i2s, Kongsberg, Carl Zeiss, Meyer Burger, Globalfoundries and Siltronic.

A series of exclusive talks focused on the future of automation in the era of Industry 4.0 with insights from a diverse range of speakers in both the private sector and the scientific community. For the first time this year, the event's sponsors hosted a small in-house exhibition that was met with great interest.

The conference traditionally caps its first day with an evening event, held this year at Kurländer Palais in the heart of Dresden's beautiful old town. As is also customary, the managing directors of AND member companies gathered to honor the Innovation Award winner, which this year is Siltronic for its visionary automation activities.

Event organizers have billed this year's Innovation Forum a complete success, and they have great expectations for upcoming and ongoing projects in the field of automation. In that spirit, interested parties are cordially invited to attend the 16th Innovation Forum to be held 2019 in Dresden.

To learn more about Automation Network Dresden's latest projects and upcoming events, visit dresden.and-innovation.de/